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"The 3 Stages of Business Growth"  

Find out where your business currently is and what you will need to do to move into the next stage of your business success!

The Enlightened Entrepreneur is a company devoted to providing effective and economical tools, programs and resources for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses. 

Founded by best-selling business author Harry Maurer, our platform contains economically priced business courses, specialized trainings, webinars, books, a weekly podcast and free resources that are designed to help businesses succeed. 

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In his book,  "ON YOUR OWN, BUT NOT ALONE: 50 FREE and Low-Cost Resources for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses!" Harry reveals tools that most businesses only dreamed they could have -- and have at little or no cost! 

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Harry's books are available on Amazon.  Be sure to pick up a copy of Harry's best-seller:  "ON YOUR OWN, BUT NOT ALONE: 50 FREE and Low-Cost Resources for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses!" which will save you thousands of dollars in your business!
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